December 17, 2010


Two days ago at work I said the entire alphabet backwards, with the exception of Y and X, which were not backwards. I did the alphabet backwards!

Here is the scene: it was a crazy hectic day, I had to think about multiple things at one time, with deadlines! Not just multi-task, but multi-task with deadlines. When I realized what I accomplished I tried to describe how I did it. Your brain has to be busy thinking about things while trying to say the alphabet backwards. Not just "things" but very important things. Things that if you get them wrong it will either destroy you and go on your record forever (or at least be at the forefront of people's minds for months or years) or you have to be doing a huge-mongous mathematical problem subconsciously while at the same time just whipping out the alphabet backwards subconsciously. Make sense? Exactly.

You can't really think about it while you are doing it. You need to be in a state where your mind is thinking about other things while at the same time other things are perfectly clear.

I wonder if this is true for a lot of things? Hmm...I guess I can't really think about it right now because too many other things are going through my mind. (Hah, exactly.)

Where does this even come from?! That is what I'm wondering.

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