January 31, 2011


Moolala is a lot like Groupon or Living Social but cooler. You receive rewards for all purchases you buy, plus get rewards from purchases your friends make if they are signed up using your referral code. Its sweet and simple. Check it out! They haven't started listing their daily deals yet but in the mean time you can start inviting your friends and share the (future) fun. Here's the link.

The more you spread the word, the more you make! What can I say, I'm a bargain shopper.

January 23, 2011

Packers Game Day

Today is the big day! I can hardly wait for kickoff, I feel nauseous. In honor of my favorite team, a little Packer love, and to show my support I sported this today on my run...get ready, you'll be stunned.

Wahoo! My Rodgers jersey fit perfectly on the outside of my coat so I of course couldn't resist wearing it. It was great! Before leaving my apartment building I got a "Nice jersey!" compliment and before even running for one minute I got a "Go Pack!" cheer from another runner wearing a vintage Packer hat. It was wonderful. I only hope I was able to make a few people smile as they saw me showing my Packer love. Its really not a great picture, I know. Except for the green and gold. And that I was so bundled up for the single digit temperature. But its worth it.

I can't wait!

Coming Soon...

A little about me...there is this boy. His name is Luke. He is my beloved boyfriend. I won't share too many details because I am told that is what he is sharing with you all. He is my first Guest Post! Hooray! This blog is going places...slowly but surely. Originally he was supposed to share his New Year's Resolution (of which he never made, but that's ok!) but since that was a few weeks ago we/he changed the plan, which is also perfectly fine with me.

So, sometime in the near future, lets hope a few days, you will be hearing from him. About us. Keep your fingers crossed, I know you are squirming in your seats waiting for the story. Here's a sneak peak I just couldn't resist:

Ok, two sneaks.

Until next time...

January 19, 2011


The Green Bay Packers take up a large part of my heart. Really close to the middle of it.
Cheer loud for them this Sunday when they play the Bears. Lets hope the Pack play as good as they are capable of. Something a lot like they did last week against the Falcons would be great!

Whether they win or not, they will still be really close to the middle of my heart. :) Packer fan for life, I must admit. And proud of it, too!

Go Pack Go!

Wonders of the Internet

All I want to do is stay at home and read wonderful blogs of people that make things...and figure out how to do it cheaply! And it still looks awesome! Better than if you were to buy whatever it is premade at a store. Crazy! I want to be like those people. I want to read blogs where people decorate spaces, have cute clothes, make good food, and do it all on the cheap (but high on the quality). Ahhh, the dream. Maybe someday it will happen. For now I'll stick to browsing such blogs while at work...hoping no one sees and the blogs and pictures aren't blocked.

Happy Wednesday!

Run #2

I think I'm ready! For the Halffer that is! Run #2 of the year completed tonight. For some reason, maybe it was the delicious rice krispy I ate before I started, I was on a roll, couldn't stop running! I ran 2.77 miles according to mapmyrun.com in 30 minutes without stopping to walk. Sure its a 10:49 mile but I think its pretty dang good I ran the whole time. I wanted to keep going but didn't want to push it and overwork my horribly out-of-shape body.

We (my Halffer team and I) have approximately 14 weeks to go. In other words, we need to get our butts in gear! Eeek time is going by so fast! I'm not planning on giving an update every time I run but I thought this was a milestone and needed to share.

January 08, 2011

2011 Owl Love

With the new year come new calendars. What better way to start each day than with an owl?! Look what I found! 
Image from here.
And its FREE! Yes please. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. I know at least three others that will...

January 05, 2011


In hopes that I will stick to my current hopes and desires, I am opening my brain to you lovelies to share my "resolutions." I'm not a huge fan of resolutions becuase any time is a good time to start doing something different. Sometimes people just need a kick in the pants (like the start of a new year) to get them going. Well, I wouldn't really say that is what happened in my case. These things just came to me before and during the holidays and I have collected my thoughts "in the new year."

Create a masterpiece once a month.
Some sort of artsy or crafty project, cheap and useful. Enough said. I'll share my designs.

Train for the Halffer!
I don't want to slack off until the last minute for this one. It will take time and dedication and I want to give it that. I also hope to at least be active after its over. Maybe I'll like it so much I want to do another one!

Life and friends.
Life is what you make it. There is no waiting around for the next part of your life because THIS part of your life is happening NOW. This came to me while driving home from shopping the other day. The things you do with your time make you you, so why sit around and wait for something new to happen? Friends are a part of life (just as family is, which is a given in my book because I love my family) and only make it sweeter, which is why I am going to be more proactive about keeping in touch with them.

Let the new year begin (now that we are four days in)!

I think I need to add "Take more pictures" to the list. I wanted to post a recap of the holidays but have little to no pics to show! Definitely more pictures to be made in 2011.

Ready, Set, Run

Ever since I have personally known people that run marathons (yes, multiple) I have wanted to run one myself. Sure I'm not exactly the most athletic or in shape person but I do like to run...when I actual get out and do it, that is.

Well I'm doing it! Along with my sisters and Luke. The half, that is. Our aunt is doing the full. May 1 is the big date! That leaves quite a bit of time to train but considering my current state of in-shape-ness I decided to do something about it tonight. You betcha. So did Luke!

My trusty running shoes. My newest best friends!
Thirty minutes and approximately 2.5 miles in less than 10° F weather I feel great! Its a start. Wish us luck!


Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!

Yes, its late, but that doesn't mean its any less important. May the new year be all that you make it. (And here's to keeping this little beaut going...)