February 28, 2011


Luke and I ran FOUR miles Saturday! Together! Eeeeeek! And in a little over a 10 min/mile pace! Early in the morning, plenty of time left to enjoy the rest of the day, hang with friends and family. It was glorious.

Sure four miles may not be the greatest distance ever to be ran but to us it was pretty sweet. We all (sisters and Luke) officially started our 10-week training programs for the Halffer last week. Luke and my first long run was four miles and by golly we did it and we got to do it together. We stuck pretty close to our scheduled number of miles throughout the week too. Could've done better but pretty dang good considering the chilly weather and week one of training.

I guess that's all the more of an update I have for now. Just wanted to share the joy of our fun run together.

February 23, 2011

Beyond Bliss

I'm so extatic right now!

Here's the background story: About a year ago I purchased an iPod touch through my credit card rewards program. I wasn't saving up points for this or anything, it just seemed to be the best option at the time (to which I would say I still think its the best option). Its the biggest bang for my buck, even when compared to getting cash back or a store gift card. So as a person that always loves a good deal I chose the iPod, thinking if I didn't use it for all it was worth I could sell it and still come out ahead compared to getting cash back.

A month or so ago the wi-fi stopped working. I finally took it to the Apple store last night to get a little looksey at it. After talking with the wonderful serviceman there (they were all so resourceful and kind, even when talking with a customer who was obviously not the most technologically advanced person), they replaced my iPod with a new one, same generation. The cause of said broken wi-fi is still unknown but it was replaced anyway.


Fast forward to today: I connected to the free wi-fi at work (the first time ever using wi-fi with new iPod)- it connected! Eeek! The anticipation for what is ahead grows stronger. I clicked on ESPN Radio and it said "Fetching Station Data..." like it always does. Then, just like magic, I heard the oh so familiar voice that has long since been heard over my little iPod headphones, and. I. melted. I got so giddy inside. I am still that giddy. It is so unbelievable the feeling inside, all because my ESPN app (that requires wi-fi) now works! Oh for the love of ESPN radio. I know, I'm a nerd. It just keeps getting better and better as I listen to it right now (while at work, ha). I'm blissed out I think. If that is something possible, that's what I'm experiencing. And boy oh boy its wonderful. I hate to sound like the person that can't live without their electronics and Internet and all that hububalub but its true, I'm addicted to this ESPN thing called radio.

My addiction with ESPN radio all started with Fantasy Football this past season...more on that some other time. For now, I'll just bask in this wonderfulness.

Happy Wednesday!

February 20, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies

Yesterday I found an unopened sleeve of Thin Mints Girl Scout cookies in my freezer...from last year I think. Ahh the deliciousness that comes in a green box! Of course I opened them and have eaten half the pack already (ok, between yesterday and today, so not that bad). I have a HUGE craving for the Caramel Delights (de-Lights?) from the purple box and have had this craving for a really long time! Who doesn't love Caramel de-Lights (also known as Samoas)?! They are so ooey gooey delicious and chocolately and coconut with a little crunch. Yum. I know no Girl Scouts and I don't have any spare sleeves of caramel delights in my freezer...

Alas, I found a solution to my problem! I will make some!

A simple search and I found many recipes online. Easy peasy. Now, when to make them. I'll get to that soon enough (I hope). They take a lot of time and I don't have a rolling pin, nor the desire to slave away in the kitchen all day today. Just not today my friends, not today. It will be alright. I'll give an update when I do make them. Maybe I can enlist the help of my mom. :) Until then, I'll just drool over the above picture and stick with my thin mints.

[An hour of time passes]: I can make any cookie I want to! Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties! Caramel de-Lights, Peanut Butter Patties and Thin Mints are my favorites, in that order. Yum oh yum, oh my what will I do without them? I need to go to the grocery store and get these things started ASAP.

Come on now, drool with me: 

February 14, 2011

I Believe in a Thing Called Love and Project Complete - Numero Uno

Meal #2 of Valentine's Day weekend was prepared tonight. Shrimp and Chicken Jambalaya. Nearly as tasty as I hoped it would be. Mr. Luke even liked it. He's not a picky eater but is sometimes hesitant when it comes to trying new, home-cooked meals.

The peppers and onions smelled wonderful!

The recipe (from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything) didn't include chicken but Luke wanted to have more meat than just shrimp so we some.

The finished product. It looked better in person and definitely tasted better!

Caboose has been having a great Valentine's weekend, including trying to drink out of the water faucet. It didn't work out so well in the end so he gave up and just laid low.

Luke and I made cards for each other...but we didn't exchange yet. That's for the actual day, you silly. We (and by we I think I pretty much mean I because Luke probably doesn't care much either way) like to make cards for each other instead of buying them because it shows a little more love and effort when into picking it out/getting ready for whatever you are going to celebrate. And its cute to see what someone comes up with (except that my cards are not cute - they look like they were made by a 2nd grader).

My parents, Luke and I put together a little box of goodies for my sisters for the big day. Pictures, a semi-homemade picture frame, chocolate, candy hearts, nail polish and homemade cards made two girls pretty happy (so I heard). It was a lot of fun to put it together in hopes they would feel special. Something nice goes a long way. Just remember that. (I just might consider those semi-homemade picture frames for my one masterpiece this month thing...how is that cheating? Its not. Exactly.)

Valentine's day doesn't have to be mushy lovey dovey. It can simply be a day you let those you love and care about know you love and care about them. Remember? A little something nice goes a long way.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend. And the Grammys!

February 13, 2011

Love is in the Air

Luke and I are celebrating Valentine's Day with some delicious home cooked meals and quality time together through the weekend. We think cooking tasty meals at home is sometimes (usually) more enjoyable than going out to eat, for many reasons. We can plan the meal, make exactly what we want, grocery shop together, spend time together in the kitchen, bicker ever so little about whether the mushrooms and onions are done, be in the comforts of home, and do the dishes together. What could be more fun?! Since we mostly see each other on the weekends we think its fun to spend time making meals. At the same time, who doesn't enjoy a nice meal out?

We took pictures of our creations! Sort of. The beginnings of it at least. Taking pictures of something "in process" can be kind of difficult. Wait, stop, let me take a picture of that. Hey, take a picture of this. Its just not natural. But we did it!

The menu tonight: Delicious brussel sprouts! Don't knock 'em 'til you try 'em. A little water in a covered pan, salt, maybe a little butter when they are almost done cooking and presto, a tasty treat. The bright green color adds a little punch to your plate too.

Garlic mashed potatoes. Original, we know.

Mushrooms and onions for our STEAK!

Handy chef-in-the-kitchen-Mr. Luke nearly chopped off his finger cutting the onion. No worries, he's a tough guy. Really he was just trying to fillet his own skin, which he pretty much accomplished by only digging into the first layer. Jeeesh.

Making use of all four burners. Look at us, Mom! You would think it was Thanksgiving.

A delicious wine to celebrate the weekend (thanks Mom!!!). Its called Lawrence Elk and is made in South Dakota. Its a black currant wine and is to die for. So delicious we almost had a case shipped to us (and by us I mean my family and extended family) but were lucky enough to have someone bring some to us on their way back to Wisconsin. If you're ever in the South Dakota area I would definitely recommend it.

The chefs behind the meal. Caboose was here too but didn't want to be in a pic. Its a Saturday...we weren't trying to impress anyone with our style so you might have to forgive how beautifule we look.

We can't wait for tomorrow's meal! Or at least I'm extra excited about it. Tonight we're watching Salt with Angelina Jolie. Hope its good!

Happy weekend to you!

Psst...Probably one of my all time favorite things to do with Luke is to go grocery shopping together. The first time we did is when I think I realized I could really love this guy. For real. Its rewarding when you can appreciate spending time with someone doing things that aren't glamorous. Try it. :)

Did I Mention You Can Make $$

Remember my post about Moolala? Well you can make money with Moolala! Check it out if you haven't already. Here's the link!

Its probably not what they were going for when they named it Moolala but I can't help but picture this guy.
Because he's so cute! Now, don't forget...here it is again.

February 06, 2011

Super Bowl XLV

Its the big game! I can't say much except "Go Packers!" I am more than excited for this game. It seems the actual Superbowl came out of no where. The Packers were just playing games, one at a time, winning and winning, then all of a sudden bang! Super Bowl! And the crowd goes wild, "Aahhhhh!" :) Can't wait!

Here's Caboosey with his Packer gear on. He is thrilled for the big game, too - can't wait to wear his gear.

I will be spending my pre-Super Bowl morning with Luke and his dad at Luke's ice race - more on ice racing later. It will be a busy day but totally worth it.

Here's to hoping the Packers play like they have been the last half of the season. Aaron Rodgers is my hero. So are all the other players. If you need a little something to get you motivated, search "I'm a Cheesehead Baby" on iTunes. Guaranteed to rock your world. :) I'm definitely a cheesehead. So is Caboose.


February 04, 2011

Luke's First Post: A Thing Called Us

Remember my preview to Luke's guest post, his first post ever?! Well here it is. Its about time, right? I love this boy. Hope you love his post. Take it away honey!

So I hope this all that you have been waiting for and more. I think I am as excited as you all are because this is my first ever blog guest post! So jumping right in, Rachel and I have been together for almost 2 great years. We met through one of her twin sisters who was dating a friend of mine that I worked with. Lets just say my stunning self was too much for her at first. We went on a date (she hadn’t washed her hair in four days) and the rest is history. She means a lot to me and is very dear to my heart.

Ok now that we have the sappy stuff out of the way lets get on to the real stuff! Rachel and I get along very well and most of the time I can make her laugh (unless I pee in her parking lot) when she’s least expecting it (like when she’s crabby...). We just enjoy and appreciate each other’s love for one another. I personally think we talk a lot but sometimes it’s only as much as she can get out of me; it’s just a man thing that can’t be explained (chuckle). She makes me feel amazing. I love the times that I either call her (that’s usually when it happens) or if I see her and I just get this great overwhelming energy that I can’t control (she gets it too).

About one of the only things that is currently standing in our way is the fact that we live in opposite ends of Wisconsin. We’ve made it work this long with wait feels like very little effort and with little or no arguments (I’m sure a little frustration on both ends at times). Everything about us feels right and I can’t wait to see what our future holds! Someday I’ll move to Madison but it hasn’t happened because of my readiness and Rachel’s rule that I must have a job before I move there. We are fine tuning my resume and then I will start to apply at some places!

Well that’s a little about us! Granted there is more, but can that wait for my next guest post?!

Until then,

Luke, Rachel’s main man

Is it just me or is his "lets get on to the real stuff" just as sappy as his "sappy stuff"? :)

February 02, 2011

A New Month!

Wow its February already! You know what that means...I think I need to revisit my New Year's Resolutions. Remember? I shared them with you in my Resolutions post. Go read it.

What is my January Masterpiece, you ask? Well, it doesn't exactly exist (completely) yet. I am working on a knitted scarf for my awesome momma (yep, it was a Christmas present) that is in progress. I'm also working on making those giant yarn ball things - the kind that you can hang and use as a lamp, hang outdoors for something like a wedding or garden party, or make a smaller version to put on a charger for a coffee table decoration or in a large glass vase.

I started and planned on finishing the yarn ball project in one day with my mom but the giant balls didn't quite turn out the way we thought. They didn't get hard enough. No pun intended. You think this is bad, you should have heard my mom while she lubed them up with Vaseline... Anyway, the yarn is still wrapped around the balls and is awaiting some sort of glue or a Mod Podge coating to make them stiffer before the balls are deflated and removed. When the actual masterpiece is finished I'll share with you. For now, here's a pic of our work to hold you over.

As for the other resolutions, they are coming along pretty well. The Halffer: I have a regular running schedule in preparation for the Halffer and will start my 10 week training program in a couple weeks. Life and Friends: I just got back from a great Girl's Weekend with about 10 girls for a weekend getaway at Wisconsin Dells. We go to the Wilderness Hotel every year and this year was just as wonderful and entertaining as it has been in the past. Watching the Superbowl (eeek! Go Packers!) this weekend with my family and Luke. You can bet I'll be ready for that - see here for my past Packers playoff game preparations! Pictures: I'm working on this one. :)

Cheers to a new month!