March 26, 2011

Its a Package!

Eeee! I'm so excited! I ordered yarn online from and my shipment arrived, a few weeks ago actually. I would highly recommend their site if you like to stock up on yarn. They offer discounts of all kinds, you just have to keep your eyes open. :)

Here's a little looksie:

My first peak... Look at that color!


My knit wear portfolio consists of scarves, a washcloth (yep, just one), scarves, leg warmers (though not so cute), fingerless gloves, scarves, vest (ug-ly!), and baby sweater! Oh, did I mention any scarves? I started knitting scarves and eventually got a little bored with that so I ventured on to bigger and badder things. Well, some of these beauties are for my next knitting project. The rest are for later projects...

Luke's sister is having a baby - due in May, eee! - and I'm going to make little baby a sweater, the same sweater I made for a college roommate's baby. I'll share more deets about the sweater later but for now lets focus on the yarn. The first sweater I knitted using regular ol' 100% acrylic yarn. The sweater was cute and the shape was decent but I couldn't block it because of course, acrylic is synthetic and doesn't respond well to heat. Alas, I caved and splurged on "real," more natural yarn. The pattern of the sweater uses Rowan All Seasons Cotton so I decided I would try it. Its a teeny tiny eetys bit more expensive than acrylic so I also bought Cascade Yarn Cotton Club, which is the same weight and cotton blend as the Rowan yarn, but a little easier on the wallet.

Sure these yarns are more expensive than my amateur knitting skills typically handle, but mind you, I did my research. I scoured for finishead projects of the sweater and noted what yarn was used and how the sweater turned out. I'm excited to start this project! Oh and did I mention I hope to have this completed by mid-April?! Hmm, we will see how that works out.

Cast on set for Saturday - tomorrow!

Happy weekend!

March 22, 2011

Pat Benatar

The scene: Luke and I running together as we are training for the Halffer. He is listening to music on my old iPod. Of course, I put sweet tunes on it that I thought he might appreciate. :) His momentum starts to pick up, usually indicative of a "good song."

We reach the intersection. A car is coming. We stop and allow the car to pass, which probably lasted a mere 4.5 seconds.

Luke: Nuts! I'm on a good song.
Me: What one?
Luke: Pat Benatar.
Me: Oooh, which one?!
Luke: Love is a Butterfly.
Me: A butterfly? (skeptical)
Luke: Yeah. (serious)
Me: Love is a Battlefield?
Luke: Oh, I thought they said butterfly.

Bahhh, I busted a nut. At least it got me through the next half mile!

Luke and I at one of his motocross races two summers ago. He's taller, not me.
An oldie but a goodie!

March 18, 2011

Madre's Scarf Picture

Remember I said I would show you a pic of my mom's scarf I made for Christmas? Take a gander if you missed it or don't remember. I took a picture before the big reveal to mom and never loaded the pics onto my computer. Finally got to it!

I even tried editing the photo in Photoshop! (Maybe I shouldn't have said that...I'm definitely not a pro, nor have much more than hmm, maybe 20 hours of experience using it.) Critique my final photo edit all you want. I could use a tip or two. Or more!

March 17, 2011

St. Patrick

I may not be Irish (though my mom says we're a little bit of everything) but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a green St. Patrick's Day celebration. Beer can be tasty, leprechauns are fun, and green is usually my favorite color!

Can you find the four leaf clover? Don't look too hard, there probably isn't one.

Happy St. Pat's day!

March 16, 2011

Spring is in the Air

Raise your hand if you're ready for Spring!!!


I was at the library the other day, talking to a man that lives in my apartment building. We were talking about the warm weather (um, hello?! Its at least 32°F outside. That's definitely warm!) and how we are excited to be able to do more things outside. He said, "Soon we'll be able to smell the Earth again." Oh so true. I love the smell of the earth. Dirt, rain, grass. Mmm, I can almost smell it now...

March 11, 2011

Warning, This Might Be Gross

A Fun Fact and Get To Know Caboose

My cat goes to the bathroom in the toilet! No litter box exists in my house! How awesome is that?!

When I got my cat, I knew I wanted to try and toilet train him because the stereotype I had of cat owners is that they always smelled, or stunk rather, like their cat. Cat owner's houses always smell gross; as soon as you walk into their house it stinks like a litter box. There is cat hair all over the house and the person's clothes. I could go on and on. While this isn't really true, its what I thought was true. I think because I'm more of a dog person too. The only reason I have a cat is because I can't have dogs in my apartment building. Regardless of why I got my Caboose in the first place, I love him tons and he makes me so happy.

Back to the reason for this post...he's toilet trained. I realize you may never read this again but I'm willing to accept that (no one reads this thing anyways). If you've never seen a cat go to the bathroom on a toilet before, behold!

I know, I know. Just look away if you can't handle it. You're lucky I took the picture with my phone with its poor photo quality.

We endured a few obstacles throughout the training process, and sometimes still do, but I think its totally worth it. I don't have to scoop poop or pee on a daily basis! How can you dislike that?! I guess I'll spare any more details.

If you want to learn how just google "how to toilet train a cat" and you'll figure out pretty much everything you need to know from there. Good luck to you! Keep up the good work Caboose!

Pssst... If you're so outraged by this grossness, what would you like to read about instead? Ideas are welcome. :)

March 01, 2011

Project Complete: Madre's Scarf

I finally officially finished a masterpiece! Well, not exactly a masterpiece but I did finish my January Masterpiece project. I knitted a scarf for my madre and its finally done. It was supposed to be a Christmas present. I'm glad she stills loves me even though its hmm, two months late.

I'll add a picture soon. For now, picture this: mustardy yellow, knit and purl stich, thick scarf with fringes. Just like that. Except cuter. :)

I decided I'm counting my home-styled picture frames and package of love my family and I sent to my sisters as my February Masterpiece. Maybe I'll try and get a picture of that, too.

Bring it on, March! I'm ready for my next project.