May 25, 2011

Project Complete: Vino Seat Cover

My scooter seat cover is fixed! I bought my Yamaha Vino scooter last fall and lets just say it needed a few cosmetic repairs, including a ripped seat. Rather than paying over what I'm guessing would be $100, I decided to recover it myself. Or with the help of others I should say. :) My plan was to purchase vinyl and sew the cover myself, then staple it on top of the existing cover. Simple as pie...

I expected to find vinyl from a fabric store for at least $10/yd. I decided to try my luck while at WalMart one day and luck was on my side! I found a piece of blue vinyl for $4/yd! Its not made for outdoor weather and will more than likely crack after it sits in the sunlight too long, but I figured I could try out my seat-cover-sewing skills on a $4 piece of fabric and if it didn't work I wouldn't be out too much money. I also purchased some heavy duty thread and sewing needle to poke through the thick fabric, which of course my mom advised me on.

Days of procrastination, two muslin patterns, a borrowed light-duty stapler, a trip to Ace Hardware for staples, one blue vinyl seat cover, a few gripes with Luke and no hard feelings
later, my seat cover is finished! What a beauty. Luke was oh so kind enough (for real, he didn't complain and I have to admit there were many many opportunities for him to do so) to help me staple the seat cover to the seat. He puts new seat covers on his dirt bikes all the time so he's kind of a pro like that. He did most of the work when it came to stapling because I'm pretty sure I was at my wits end and feared my cover wasn't good enough and a new one would need to be made.

The original seat had a chunk of foam missing from the front but we fixed it by shoving a plastic grocery bag into it. Now that's a cheap and green fix I was pretty excited about! Check out the pretty lady in all her glory.

She wouldn't look so nice or run so well if it wasn't for my bike-pro Luke! Vroom vroom, I'm ready for some rain-free weather!

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  1. I just covered my daughter's seat on her 49cc Yamaha Vino. It's satisfying to see the change. Makes a big difference.