June 23, 2011

UK Edition: Tour Through York, Seventies Style

Remember I told you we went to York this past Sunday? I finally have time to share a bit of it with you. I took way too many pictures, though I don't necessarily consider this a bad thing, and want to share a few of them. Words aren't necessary when viewing a picture, are they? Its more subjective if words are not involved.

As for Seventies in the title, its my newest favorite Photoshop Action (I use Photoshop Elements) from The Pioneer Woman. Her actions are absolutely amazing. I can't get enough of them...which is the main reason it took half a week to post these pictures. Check her out, download some actions, learn something new!

And now, enjoy these pictures, in sequential order of how we experienced the day.

Beautiful bridge in York that we crossed over to be closer to the city centre.

Ducks and ducklings literally crossing a busy road.

Clifford's Tower - the last of two watch towers outside of the castle that still exist.

View between the ducklings crossing the road and Clifford's Tower.

York Minster.

Small display of the city of York and a "You Are Here" gold star in front of the minster.

View of York Minster.

Plaque on York castle walls that reads, "This tablet was placed here by the Council of the City of York October 1898 to record that this portion of the Wall (37 yds (Note: I'm not sure what this part really says.)) was in the year 1889 restored to the City by Edwin Gray, who served the office of Lord Mayor in 1898."

A swan and his or her cygnets.  

A portion of York Castle Wall. A view of York River Ouse.

Sculpture in a garden area.

York rowing races with men and women of all ages racing from nearby towns, including York and Leeds.

A train from the National Railway Museum.

Two more photos from York River Ouse.

A tree from Castle Gardens.

A serene place to sit and relax in Castle Gardens.

View of the Castle Wall.

Did you see everything you wanted to?! Hope you enjoyed this little tour of York. Come back soon for more of this beautiful country!

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