April 29, 2011

What Do You Weigh Yourself On?

Is it a balance? Or a scale? Interesting question, isn't it?

April 28, 2011

I Love My Family

My family and I met at Applebees in Hudson, WI for our Easter meal. My sisters are busy finishing things up in their last year of college. Wahoo to them, right?!! All of our schedules were a little crazy so to make things a little easier, we decided we could meet in the middle. After all, though Easter is important to us, it is just another day. We decided to spend the day together, relaxed and ourselves, fully enjoying the love (or at least I fully enjoyed it!), even if it meant we didn't eat a fancy schmancy ham.

What a beautiful family! Inside and out.

Happy Easter

I hope you had a happy Easter! It still means the same even if it is a few days late. Palm Sunday is my favorite. :)

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April 22, 2011

Tikka Masala

Drum roll please... 

Chicken tikka masala!

I have a new found love for Indian food! It basically started when my aunts were in town and we had dinner together at a small Indian restaurant called Maharaja. If you've never been there and live near Madison you should definetly check them out. I HIGHLY recommend them. The food is delicious and the service is superb. If anything, go just for the service. They're wonderful. This was my second time eating there and for some reason I enjoyed the food much more than the first time. A few weeks later Sandeep, a friend from work, had a few of us over for an Indian night. He prepared a meal for us and we watched an Indian movie. The next week we ate at Maharaja again and now I think I'm hooked for life!

I've been trying to make an Indian dish myself for a few weeks now. Good news! I found this Tikka Masala sauce the other day while at a grocery store I don't normally shop at when in search for a special ingredient for a new recipe (which I hope to make tonight and share on here - so excited!!). I made chicken tikka masala last night for supper and it was spectacular. As though I made it from a mixture of individual spices. Ok, not quite that good.

I cooked up a chicken breast, added the sauce, covered and simmered from 10 minutes. Just like the directions say. :) Meanwhile, I cooked my basmati rice (given to me by my Indian friend, Sandeep) to perfection. Basmati rice must be easy to cook because any other time I cook rice, heck even Minute rice, it turns mushy and gross. Maybe basmati is just the right type of grain where it doesn't get mushy when cooked... Anyway, back to my supper. I took the cover off the tikka masala sauce and it stunk like Italian food. Yuck. Don't get me wrong, I love Italian. LOVE it! Just not when I'm trying to make Indian. The smell was kind of appalling actually. So I added a bunch of curry powder and some paprika. Walla! Chicken tikka masala! The curry powder was the perfect addition to mask some of the sweetness and smell of the tomatoes in the sauce.

As much fun as it would be to sit back, relax and order this at a restaurant, it was much fun experimenting with the spices and making it at home. Especially on the cheap. :)

Have you made any tasty new concoctions lately? Or maybe not so tasty?

April 21, 2011


So much to tell yet so little time it seems. Someday. Someday oh wonderful blog, I will share with you the details of this past weekend. I have not forgotten about you. Maybe tomorrow. If not tomorrow, proably not until next week. Just being honest...


April 18, 2011

Cateye Brain

What a weekend! I have so much to share. I don't even know where to start. I guess I'll just skip to today and share the other fun things when I'm at my own computer. I decided to take today off and stay at my parents' house for an extra day because the next few weekends are going to include a lot of coming home (as in to my parents' house) and traveling, and I wanted to start it out nice and slow without having to rush around every weekend.

Let's go back two years to Christmas 2009. My sisters and I got an odometer computer for our dad to use on his bicycle because he rides it all the time in the summer and never knows exactly how far he goes. Well this sweet puppy tells you distance, time and speed, among other things. Fast forward to today - we finally installed it!

It started out as this with parts and plastic pieces all over the place. I kind of felt bad for my dad because he was about to take his bike out for a spin when I suggested we install this baby. When I looked at the directions it was a bit overwhelming.

And ended with one happy dad and me pretty dang excited too. Yep, I took the bike around the block just to see how sweet it is. Never fear, it didn't take as long as I thought it would to install. Joy!

Cateye CC-RD100N
Dad's out for a spin now. I hope it works for the whole trip and hundreds more!

April 16, 2011

15 Days to the Halffer!

Before our 12 mile run last weekend. Its fuzzy but something about it is just cute.

Happy weekend to all!

April 14, 2011

Port Washington, WI

Luke and I went to Port Washington, WI last week. Its a cute little harbor town on Lake Michigan, complete with a lighthouse. The weather was a little overcast for most of the day but it didn't bring us down! It was a nice little getaway for the day.

We stopped at a Yamaha dealer when we first got to town to look at a dirt bike for Luke. We at lunch at Newport Shores, a cute little cafe restaurant in the marina by the lighthouse, where we had some delicious lake perch and stuffed shrimp. Here's a picture of the restaurant, but it looks a little ghetto... Don't be discouraged! The food was delicious and it was a quiet little pit stop.

Luke and I walked out the long, narrow path to the lighthouse, enjoying the ducks, loons, rocks, water, a few boats in the marina, and peacefulness along the way. All while bundled up in every layer possible that we could find in the car. It gets chilly out there on the water!

On the way home we had to stop at a gas station to stretch our legs and a little beef jerky for fuel. By this time the sun was shining in full force!

We may or may not have stopped at McDonalds for chocolate shakes too...

It was a great day trip and great weekend. Bring on the next road trip! Next time I'll be sure to have fully charged batteries in the camera so we don't have to resort to using cell phone cameras. Ooops.

April 09, 2011

For the Weekend

Welcome to my life, Friday! I'm not sure why but I'm so glad its the weekend!

Things to do this weekend, in no particular order:

Finish Katie and Cory's baby sweater. A little seaming here and there, add a collar and sew on some buttons - I'm almost finished!! Its turning out so cute!

Clean and organize my apartment to make room for Luke. He's moving in! We have about two weeks before he moves in. The time is going to fly by, I can tell already.

Shop at the Gap and use a $25 off coupon that expires Sunday. Gee do I love their sales. I'm a sucker for a good deal...sometimes regardless of what I'm buying. Hey, its a good deal!

Enjoy a ride with Luke to Port Washington, WI! Its a cute harbor town (or at least the pictures look cute) about thirty minutes north of Milwaukee. We are going to look at a dirt bike Luke is interested in and enjoy the town. Hopefully walk around downtown and look at some of the cute shops, grab a bite to eat, and check out the harbor. I hope the weather is as wonderful as it has been the past couple weekends!

Enjoy a few drinks with Luke and some friends in downtown Madison at the Great Dane, run 12 miles, and relax!

What are your plans for the weekend?! Enjoying the outdoors, Spring cleaning, relaxing, finishing a project?

Happy weekend to you all!

April 05, 2011

Spring Cleaning and News!

Oy, it seems I've been on cleaning overload tonight. Its totally not even true though.

I cleaned the bathtub - it had a gross ring around the bottom. Think The Cat in the Hat Comes Back by Dr. Seuss.


Yep, the gross ring was pink, just like it is in this book. I thought it would never come clean but with just enough elbow grease it came just clean enough. Clean enough for me, for now, that is.

I did some laundry and vaccumed, which doesn't really count as cleaning because I guess I do these on a regular basis. I also cleaned out my closet a little and pulled out some clothes to sell on eBay or at a garage sale, or maybe even donate. It feels so good to get rid of things like this sometimes. Although, I did it a couple times this winter and now feel like my closet is in pretty slim pickings now. Hmm...the rememdy I see here is only to go shopping! Another day. I have more cleaning and work to do.

Why so much cleaning you ask? Well... Eeee! I guess I can break it to you. Luke is moving to town! Not just to town but to my actual apartment! Our adventures of living in opposite ends of Wisconsin will no longer exist separately in approximately three weeks. Oh the joys. And the changes! Yikes. It is going to be a difficult task for me, I will boldly proclaim any time you ask, but its going to be worth it. (Difficult for me only because I think I can be bossy (ok, I know I can because my family tells me all the time) and I like to be in control. Living with someone will take away a lot of that control. I'm willing to give up some of that, don't get me wrong! There will just be some adjusting. Perfectly fine.) It will be nice to see Luke for more than two to three days at a time.

So until he is here for g-o-o-d I have more cleaning and reorganizing to do. Yay me. Yay us.

April 01, 2011

April May Bring...

Quality time with one of my all time favorite four legged friends.

Let's just say 'Over the Hill..."

Easter egg hunt with the fam. Oooh, last year we did egg on spoon races with our parents, Luke, and Aunt Steph and Aunt Cheryl. Hope we can look forward to that this year!

Maybe some bubble blowing or chalk drawings. Yep, we can still be kids and enjoy the joys of life.

Maybe some of this, minus the snow of course.

Hopefully some of this! My very own bike/scooter/moped and its awesome! Just needs a little loving before she hits the road.

Hopefully some beautiful flowers, colors and fresh air.

Probably none of this for me. Its still a little early yet and April is already packed to the brim with plans of all sorts.

If you haven't already guessed it, it will be filled with family, family and more family! Yayy I can't wait! Love, laughter, Spring, and the outdoors in many ways.

What are your plans for one of the greatest months of the year? Yeah, I think I might be a little biased. I must admit, the good ones are born in April.


I realize its the last day of March and I have no finished project. No worries! Its in the making and is almost done! Its the sweater for Luke's sister I told you about in my last post. I'm excited to share it but you can't see it until its all finished. I know, you can't wait, I'm sure.

In other news, I think Spring is here! For real this time. Or nearly for real. I guess it there is still a chance for snow a few nights this weekend but I'm optimistic we will only have rain.

In honor of Spring and the coming warm, summer days, wouldn't it be nice to be here?

 Don't worry, I'll answer. Yes! Ahh, fishing and relaxing together with those you love and enjoy.

All in all, March was a good month. Now, for the crazy rollercoaster April and May will bring.