September 03, 2011

Weekend Color over Labor Day Weekend

Wahoo, its Saturday! I don't have to work! The weather is gross and rainy, which means I don't have to debate over laying in the sun reading a book and doing things around the apartment or other things that need to be done.

The plans for this wonderful Labor Day Weekend are to accomplish fun things today while Luke is at work, drive to the parents' house tonight when he is done, and relax the rest of the weekend! I think I might call it the "weekend of f's." And no, not for the reasons you might think. Fantasy football draft with family, way too much food, fascination over Luke's baby nephew, fun in the sun and fishing with my family, frolicking on the pavement with just me and my running shoes. Ha. Some of those were a stretch to make it part of the "weekend of f's" but I think it still works. :)

Pardon me, my brain is currently all over the place and for some reason I decided to spew it into text right here for all to see.

One thing I want to do this morning while Luke is at work is gather some materials for small little projects around our place to add some color and spice to our life. Its a bit drab and some color might liven things up and make me feel a little more put together myself. Do you ever feel that way?? Maybe its the piles of things laying around every bit of open wall that make me feel we need to de-clutter and organize a bit...

Moving on. I looked through Pinterest a bit last night and this morning with a specific goal in mind: find pictures of color I have in my head that I want to transfer to real life in the form of a nicely put together living room. I think I did alright. I also looked through some pictures I saved from all over the Internet over the last year or so with the same thought in mind. Fast forward an hour and I created this in Photoshop:

Eeep! Looking at it again after being away from it for five minutes still makes me excited! I think its meant to be. I actually took these colors from a single collage of photos I had found somewhere online. I think it works! Hmm...maybe its a little feminine but we'll make it work for Luke somehow. :) The dark green is the color of the couches and I think that will help keep things a bit less whimsical and feminine for our boy Luke.

I'm off to run some errands and maybe gather some things to start on this huge endeavor I have dreamed of accomplishing. I'm sure I won't get anything even close to these colors. It never works out the way I want it. No worries, I'm still optimistic!

Hope you enjoy this Labor Day Weekend! Here's to hoping the weather perks up for us to enjoy at least a little time in the great outdoors!

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