August 26, 2011

UK Edition: In the Kitchen Again!

I wrote this post before leaving England and didn't get a chance to post it. Its still interesting to me so you bet I'm sharing it with you too.

You guessed it, another batch of cookies! After my brownies and one batch of cookies I thought I might try a second. This time I made No Bake Cookies because, well, they are no bake! Tasty and easy, that's my cup of tea. Or I guess not really because my cup of tea is my cup of tea, literally. But you know what I mean.

If you have never heard of or made No Bake Cookies I suggest its high time you check out the recipe. You can't go wrong with these babies! Delectable in most every way. :)

You know a sweet treat is going to be worth it when you use chocolate by Cadbury. I sooo wanted to bring this back in my luggage with me but alas, I had no room!

Now we are cooking! The sound of boiling sugar and chocolate and the smell of their melding together is dreamy. Or at least it was for me.

Remember, I'm an imperial girl working in a metric kitchen. I was not sure how this would turn out but it couldn't be too bad considering the simplicity of the ingredients. Things were looking good.

Who said using a small juice glass wouldn't work as a 1 cup measuring cup?! Worked like a charm, though its all relative anyway so maybe it wasn't that difficult in the first place. As much as I wanted to bring these with in my luggage too, I hoped my coworkers in Harrogate would have eated all of them first. I'm glad I made them while I was there and had the craving because they probably wouldn't set up as well in the hot, humid weather of Wisconsin this summer. 

A little chocolate can warm the heart and the warmth is even more welcome when the weather isn't scorching hot.

Dessert is one of my favorite things to eat. Have you noticed? :)

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