January 19, 2011

Run #2

I think I'm ready! For the Halffer that is! Run #2 of the year completed tonight. For some reason, maybe it was the delicious rice krispy I ate before I started, I was on a roll, couldn't stop running! I ran 2.77 miles according to mapmyrun.com in 30 minutes without stopping to walk. Sure its a 10:49 mile but I think its pretty dang good I ran the whole time. I wanted to keep going but didn't want to push it and overwork my horribly out-of-shape body.

We (my Halffer team and I) have approximately 14 weeks to go. In other words, we need to get our butts in gear! Eeek time is going by so fast! I'm not planning on giving an update every time I run but I thought this was a milestone and needed to share.

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