January 05, 2011


In hopes that I will stick to my current hopes and desires, I am opening my brain to you lovelies to share my "resolutions." I'm not a huge fan of resolutions becuase any time is a good time to start doing something different. Sometimes people just need a kick in the pants (like the start of a new year) to get them going. Well, I wouldn't really say that is what happened in my case. These things just came to me before and during the holidays and I have collected my thoughts "in the new year."

Create a masterpiece once a month.
Some sort of artsy or crafty project, cheap and useful. Enough said. I'll share my designs.

Train for the Halffer!
I don't want to slack off until the last minute for this one. It will take time and dedication and I want to give it that. I also hope to at least be active after its over. Maybe I'll like it so much I want to do another one!

Life and friends.
Life is what you make it. There is no waiting around for the next part of your life because THIS part of your life is happening NOW. This came to me while driving home from shopping the other day. The things you do with your time make you you, so why sit around and wait for something new to happen? Friends are a part of life (just as family is, which is a given in my book because I love my family) and only make it sweeter, which is why I am going to be more proactive about keeping in touch with them.

Let the new year begin (now that we are four days in)!

I think I need to add "Take more pictures" to the list. I wanted to post a recap of the holidays but have little to no pics to show! Definitely more pictures to be made in 2011.

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  1. Another goal to add to list: paint picture frames like the ones on this blog site