January 23, 2011

Packers Game Day

Today is the big day! I can hardly wait for kickoff, I feel nauseous. In honor of my favorite team, a little Packer love, and to show my support I sported this today on my run...get ready, you'll be stunned.

Wahoo! My Rodgers jersey fit perfectly on the outside of my coat so I of course couldn't resist wearing it. It was great! Before leaving my apartment building I got a "Nice jersey!" compliment and before even running for one minute I got a "Go Pack!" cheer from another runner wearing a vintage Packer hat. It was wonderful. I only hope I was able to make a few people smile as they saw me showing my Packer love. Its really not a great picture, I know. Except for the green and gold. And that I was so bundled up for the single digit temperature. But its worth it.

I can't wait!

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