March 22, 2011

Pat Benatar

The scene: Luke and I running together as we are training for the Halffer. He is listening to music on my old iPod. Of course, I put sweet tunes on it that I thought he might appreciate. :) His momentum starts to pick up, usually indicative of a "good song."

We reach the intersection. A car is coming. We stop and allow the car to pass, which probably lasted a mere 4.5 seconds.

Luke: Nuts! I'm on a good song.
Me: What one?
Luke: Pat Benatar.
Me: Oooh, which one?!
Luke: Love is a Butterfly.
Me: A butterfly? (skeptical)
Luke: Yeah. (serious)
Me: Love is a Battlefield?
Luke: Oh, I thought they said butterfly.

Bahhh, I busted a nut. At least it got me through the next half mile!

Luke and I at one of his motocross races two summers ago. He's taller, not me.
An oldie but a goodie!

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