March 26, 2011

Its a Package!

Eeee! I'm so excited! I ordered yarn online from and my shipment arrived, a few weeks ago actually. I would highly recommend their site if you like to stock up on yarn. They offer discounts of all kinds, you just have to keep your eyes open. :)

Here's a little looksie:

My first peak... Look at that color!


My knit wear portfolio consists of scarves, a washcloth (yep, just one), scarves, leg warmers (though not so cute), fingerless gloves, scarves, vest (ug-ly!), and baby sweater! Oh, did I mention any scarves? I started knitting scarves and eventually got a little bored with that so I ventured on to bigger and badder things. Well, some of these beauties are for my next knitting project. The rest are for later projects...

Luke's sister is having a baby - due in May, eee! - and I'm going to make little baby a sweater, the same sweater I made for a college roommate's baby. I'll share more deets about the sweater later but for now lets focus on the yarn. The first sweater I knitted using regular ol' 100% acrylic yarn. The sweater was cute and the shape was decent but I couldn't block it because of course, acrylic is synthetic and doesn't respond well to heat. Alas, I caved and splurged on "real," more natural yarn. The pattern of the sweater uses Rowan All Seasons Cotton so I decided I would try it. Its a teeny tiny eetys bit more expensive than acrylic so I also bought Cascade Yarn Cotton Club, which is the same weight and cotton blend as the Rowan yarn, but a little easier on the wallet.

Sure these yarns are more expensive than my amateur knitting skills typically handle, but mind you, I did my research. I scoured for finishead projects of the sweater and noted what yarn was used and how the sweater turned out. I'm excited to start this project! Oh and did I mention I hope to have this completed by mid-April?! Hmm, we will see how that works out.

Cast on set for Saturday - tomorrow!

Happy weekend!

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