August 26, 2011

Where Did This Blog Creator Go?!

Hi there. Hello. Hola amigos. Good to see you.

Why yes, yes I am still alive and yes I would still like to say I contribute to this blog. Where have I been, you ask? All over. And it only gets worse (well really its better actually, but worse from a blogging perspective) from here.

Its summer time so my days are full of the usual work, people, sunshine, exercise, food and traveling to see family and friends for fun get-together events. I've been busy doing fun things not involving the Internet so often that I don't think I have even clicked a blog link for the past two weeks. Wonderful, isn't it?! I think so. Except that most of those days it doesn't even cross my mind. Also an alright thing because I am filling my time with things that don't only exist online. No no no, don't get me wrong about blog and things existing online, I'm just saying that my life currently contains a lot of things that take me away from spending time on my computer or the Internet and I'm perfectly ok with that. You see?

I hope to give a quick recap post to show you (and document) what "Rachel's first weeks back in the US" looks like. At the rate I have been going I guess we might not see that until Thanksgiving! Or at least the first snow storm when I'm stuck inside. No worries, I'll share soon.

In some ways I feel bad for not writing often because I like how this is a place I can come back to and see my organized memories and thoughts and work through things. In other ways I don't mind one bit because I'm enjoying myself and keeping my memories in a safe place so that I can write everything down when I get the chance.

One thing I have realized is that its not half as fun or convenient to take pictures of your surroundings when what you are surrounded by is always the same! I have taken a total of maybe forty pictures in the last month since being back in Wisconsin compared to the thousands I took while in England. It makes sense to me though.

I'll leave you with this one. Lets look at it as a disclaimer to remember to drink plenty of water during these hot summer days. Remember to hydrate yourself!

Now for the real explanation: my coworker, his sister and I were on our way to Leeds, England to shop for the day and enjoy the city. While waiting for the train we decided to stop at the train shop to get some snacks and rehydrate after what we like to call a fun night. Similar to needing to rehydrate while exercising, right? I asked them to take a picture of me with my water because I liked how the bottle was square, which I can see now is not very obvious from this picture. Bahh, that doesn't matter to me - its all about the memories! And good ones come flooding back! :)

Hope you are enjoying your summer! See ya 'round, mi amigos.

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