August 04, 2011

UK Edition: Chocolate Chip Cookies

I couldn't resist. I had to make chocolate chip cookies. Partly for myself, partly to share with coworkers, specifically one who cannot eat nuts (because I wanted to make another type of cookie with peanut butter but didn't want anyone to feel left out - more on this soon).

Have I told you about cooking and baking in a metric-system-filled kitchen?! I had so many computer windows open converting g to ml, kg to c and so many more. Nearly every conversion needed to make chocolate chip cookies!

I bought most of the ingredients myself but borrowed flour and vanilla from a friend because I knew I wouldn't use all of it before leaving. I thought this way it would be a fair trade since said friend would (hopefully) be eating most of the cookies. Sounds great, right? Wrong.

I completely forgot baking soda is used in cookies! Ahhh! What do I do now?! I quickly emailed two friends who were soon to be arriving at our apartment to see if they could bring baking soda with them. Fail. No such luck. I pondered knocking on a neighbors door but chickened out. I thought it would be such a story to share, telling people I borrowed baking ingredients from my neighbor in England! Oh well, the story about not doing it is fun to hear too, right?

Ta da! The cookies turned out just fine without baking soda. I googled like crazy to try and find an alternative to baking soda but was left empty handed. The flavor was still delicious (uh, yeah, because baking soda doesn't really affect the flavor, hello Rachel!) and the texture didn't seem any different than other chocolate chip cookies.

Wait, they were chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Double chocolate! Wahoo! Technically chocolate chocolate, white chocolate chip coconut cookies. But they're still chocolate chip cookies to me. They may look a little different but they were tasty as ever! My coworkers thought so too. Or at least they were polite and ate them without complaints!

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