May 31, 2011

Project Complete: Letter T

In other news, I completed another project! Its been done a couple of weeks now but I haven't gotten around to posting about it. It was a project for the little baby I knit a baby sweater for, who I got to meet less than two weeks ago. Its crazy how time flies.

A friend and coworker of mine planned to do the same project for a baby girl born the same day as Tyson. I thought it was such a cute idea I wanted to do it myself. Who doesn't love something a little homemade? Especially when its easy!

I bought a large letter "T" from Hobby Lobby, probably twelve inches tall, from the home goods section. I originally planned to get an unfinished wood letter but the options they had in store were quite small and cheap looking, not very thick, so I opted for this instead, which cost only a couple dollars extra.

The letter is made out of some sort of pressed board I think. Maybe. It was heavier than a regular piece of carved wood would feel but sort of sounded plastic-y when you tap it with your finger. I guess that doesn't really matter much. I thought acrylic paint would cover well. I chose a white color. I also bought white and brown striped ribbon to tie around the top to hang it from (or make it appear to be hanging by the ribbon) but it didn't look as good as I thought it would so I left the ribbon off. Here it is after one coat of paint.

A few more layers of paint and a couple hours later it was completed. I think the crisp white will look great on baby Tyson's darker lime green walls.

Makes me want one for myself! Miss you little Tyse!

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