May 31, 2011

UK Edition: Adventure to the Supermarket

We (my coworker and I) decided to start our day, which also happened to be our first adventure in Harrogate without a local, with a trip to the supermarket. Its called ASDA and is what I think you would call and affiliate of WalMart. Not a bad place though! We found the prices were pretty comparable to the US grocery store prices when converted to $, if not slightly cheaper. I guess we will have to wait and see how the food tastes...

The food is not much different here than it is in the US. In fact, some of the food is exactly the same but with different colored packaging, different brand name, same bag design. Like they have Lays potato chips here but the brand is something different. I can't remember the name right now! I'll maybe take some pictures of similarities on one of the next trips. Hopefully the store won't be as busy as it was today when we were there and no one will think I'm a weirdo for taking pictures in a grocery store.

My grocery shopping was pretty basic. I'm not sure how much cooking I/we will be doing so I stuck with simple things to take for lunch for now. Oranges, pears, mandarin orange juice, bottle of water, peanut butter and jelly, tortellini and bolognese sauce, Laughing Cow cheese, other cheese, cereal and a reusable container for sandwiches or other food. Pretty basic, no?

To me, that picture looks like I was shopping in a plain old US grocery store. The food isn't really different here. Sure they eat fish and chips and curry is on the menu at all restaurants but besides that its not too different.

My first supermarket experience only set me back just over £13. Now that's a price I can manage, or at least it seems reasonable to me when I didn't know what to expect going in.

Cheers to my first day at work in a new country! Wow, never imagined I would ever say that!

Love and hugs!

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