May 06, 2011

Project Complete: Katie's Baby Sweater

Way back when...ok a few weeks ago...I told you I had a busy weekend. Here is a brief recap: Katie's baby shower, Beth's birthday, dinner with Luke's family, my birthday, painting picture frames, cutting wood disks, steaks, and installing a bicycle computer! Whew, what a mouthful. Let's start with the baby sweater.

I have pictures! The baby sweater I knit for Luke's sister was finished mid-April and I'm finally sharing pictures. Its May, people! May! I need to work on project-to-blog timing a bit I think. Back to the sweater. It started as a small ball of yarn, or four balls rather, Cascade Cotton Club.

After a full Sunday and a few week days after work of knitting it turned into this (wrapped by my wonderful mom).

Mom-to-be, Katie (due any day now!!) and Luke's other sister, Beth.

The finished sweater! It is Trellis from I think its absolutely adorable and so easy to knit. Ok, easy as in I wouldn't call myself a very good knitter, mostly due to my lack of years of experience under my belt, but its possible for me to knit so its got to be pretty easy.

I will definitely be knitting this again. In fact, another one of my good friends is prego so I might have to start another sooner than I think. Geesh! Its all about the love.
Cheers to a finished project! Even if it is two months late... :)

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