May 30, 2011

UK Edition: Apartment Tour

Let's take a tour! I'll show you around my place! Its absolutely amazing. I cannot believe I'm living in this great apartment for two whole months. Its nicer than something I would ever expect to live in. More specific details about things later to come, I'm sure, but for now here is a glimpse of the basics (thanks to my sister Marissa's awesome camera she lent me for the trip!).

Here is my home away from home. There are four apartments in this home and a detached coach house. The coach house looks the same on the outside and probably has more rooms, otherwise we are not sure what "coach house" means. Did you spy my possible new friend?

Here he is! I noticed him right after I snapped the above photo and was able to get a couple more shots of him. Or her? Quite the skinny little fella. Won't substitute for my Caboosey Woosey, no way. I will admit, I am hoping I can feed him some milk at night! Shhh...I don't know if that's acceptable.

Here is my little entrance around back. You'll notice the black fence and a set of three steps on either side. I'm not sure what the purpose of that is other than to frame the windows...? I'm guessing something was different structurally some time.

Breakfast nook to the left of the front door, followed by a view of the living room. There is a beautiful black, old chair in the corner. Is it called a Queen Elizabeth chair? or Queen Anne maybe? Besides the black chair, do you think they shop at IKEA?? It sure looks like it to me!

This kitchen is awesome! If only I knew how to use these types of appliances! The buttons have pictures next to them with no writing. I'm afraid to try and use the microwave because I'm not sure how to turn it off if I push a wrong button! Call me crazy but I think you might feel the same way.

I'll call this the master bedroom. One wall is full of mirrors with two narrow closests on each end. I have a spare robe if someone wants to use one when they visit... The bedroom has an attached bathroom - beautious - with a heated floor. I repeat, heated floor.

Bedroom and bathroom number two. I told you this place was crazy. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms. Sha!

And that concludes our tour. Anyone want to visit?! There is plenty of room and its quite a fashionable place. You have two months of dates to choose from. :)

Cheers mate. More to come soon!

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