July 19, 2011

UK Edition: Baking with Foreign Appliances

I made brownies! While living in the UK! How many people can say that?! Ok, besides citizens of the United Kingdom. Seriously, I think its incredible.

It took me a few weeks to work up the courage to bake something (other than warm up curry in the microwave) but I finally did it. The temptation to make brownies came after the best dessert (and one of the best meals when you factor in location and conversation) I've ever had - a warm, freshly baked brownie with ice cream from All Bar One in Leeds, England.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Sorry, I'll stop now.

Back to my baking experience. I bought this box of Cadbury brand brownie mix partly because Cadbury chocolate is delicious on its own but mostly because the box came with its own baking tray. Hooray! I didn't have to figure out what size pan to use, which turned out to be awesome because I didn't have any pan close to the size it came with.

The recipe was simple. Combine the brownie mix, add water and one egg. Mix well. Prepare the baking tray by folding the corners and inserting the tabs through the slot, ensuring the tabs are on the outside and the shiny side of the cardboard tray is on the inside. Easy enough, right? Yep, no problems there. Honestly, you thought I would mess this up? Guess again. Its fool proof. I make myself out to be a horrible chef but that is definitely not the case. Though this might be debatable after nearly two months out of a "normal" kitchen.

Eighteen minutes later, for a soft, chewy brownie...

...and beep, beep, beep! The timer went off and they were done!

Delicious brownies. Not quite as good as my inspiration brownie but definitely not bad considering they were made of powder, water and an egg. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) no pictures were taken of anyone devouring these. Probably a good thing.

I'm going to attempt to make no bake chocolate drop cookies and chocolate chip coconut cookies in the next couple days. Wish me luck!

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