July 05, 2011

UK Edition: On The Coast Of The North Sea

On our way home from Edinburgh, Scotland we wanted to get to the coast and feel the water, if not just take some pictures. We took a side road and this is the view we managed. The property said it was private residence only so we stuck to the road. It was a beautiful view from the top of the hill, a place I could definitely sit and relax at for a long time.

We finally decided to take a picture of the three of us (why did it not occur to us earlier in the day?!) by setting the camera on our friend's car and using the camera timer. When I saw it I said, "Awww, look! We're friends!" I really thought it was true, too. I know you don't need a picture to prove it, nor does a picture prove anything; it doesn't mean anything on its own but is a frozen bit of time for what was captured - an event, emotion, space in time. It captured us being friends and it made me happy.

I'm really going to miss these people and this place when its time to leave.

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