February 02, 2011

A New Month!

Wow its February already! You know what that means...I think I need to revisit my New Year's Resolutions. Remember? I shared them with you in my Resolutions post. Go read it.

What is my January Masterpiece, you ask? Well, it doesn't exactly exist (completely) yet. I am working on a knitted scarf for my awesome momma (yep, it was a Christmas present) that is in progress. I'm also working on making those giant yarn ball things - the kind that you can hang and use as a lamp, hang outdoors for something like a wedding or garden party, or make a smaller version to put on a charger for a coffee table decoration or in a large glass vase.

I started and planned on finishing the yarn ball project in one day with my mom but the giant balls didn't quite turn out the way we thought. They didn't get hard enough. No pun intended. You think this is bad, you should have heard my mom while she lubed them up with Vaseline... Anyway, the yarn is still wrapped around the balls and is awaiting some sort of glue or a Mod Podge coating to make them stiffer before the balls are deflated and removed. When the actual masterpiece is finished I'll share with you. For now, here's a pic of our work to hold you over.

As for the other resolutions, they are coming along pretty well. The Halffer: I have a regular running schedule in preparation for the Halffer and will start my 10 week training program in a couple weeks. Life and Friends: I just got back from a great Girl's Weekend with about 10 girls for a weekend getaway at Wisconsin Dells. We go to the Wilderness Hotel every year and this year was just as wonderful and entertaining as it has been in the past. Watching the Superbowl (eeek! Go Packers!) this weekend with my family and Luke. You can bet I'll be ready for that - see here for my past Packers playoff game preparations! Pictures: I'm working on this one. :)

Cheers to a new month!

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  1. Rachel!
    You should totally make enough of these for my wedding (whenever that day comes). It would work perfectly for my tea party theme. Just sayin'...oh, and here's a lil present for you :)