June 05, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Oh how I love my mom.

I brought my parents' camera for my trip to England because I don't have a nice one of my own. We went to a pub last night with a live band and I wanted to take a picture, so I did. It didn't turn out well at all but that's not quite the point yet. I took another and the camera said the memory was full. Hmm, funny. I checked the memory stick and sure enough its the smallest one we (they) own, 256 MB. No big deal, I'll just put the pictures on my computer shortly after I take them and I'll also use the other camera I brought with (also not mine but one of my sweet sister's).

This brings us to the current time. I transferred the pictures I had taken to my computer and was browsing through the remaining pictures on the camera. A lot of them are from at least six months ago, some are newer. I removed all the pictures and videos and saved them on my computer for later. Come on, its a 256 MB card, I need all the room I can get. Hmm, did you notice anything? Yep, I said videos.

One would think that if a video is made, it is made for people to see, right? So if one refers to "your dad" while making a video by one's self, you could assume even further it was made for certain others to see, no? Well, here it is and hopefully it works! It put a huge smile on my face and made me giggle. Quite a bit actually. Let's just say Christmas isn't Christmas only in December.

Hope you all enjoyed! Let me know if it takes forever to load or isn't working properly - I'll do some editing. Love you Mom!

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