April 01, 2011

April May Bring...

Quality time with one of my all time favorite four legged friends.

Let's just say 'Over the Hill..."

Easter egg hunt with the fam. Oooh, last year we did egg on spoon races with our parents, Luke, and Aunt Steph and Aunt Cheryl. Hope we can look forward to that this year!

Maybe some bubble blowing or chalk drawings. Yep, we can still be kids and enjoy the joys of life.

Maybe some of this, minus the snow of course.

Hopefully some of this! My very own bike/scooter/moped and its awesome! Just needs a little loving before she hits the road.

Hopefully some beautiful flowers, colors and fresh air.

Probably none of this for me. Its still a little early yet and April is already packed to the brim with plans of all sorts.

If you haven't already guessed it, it will be filled with family, family and more family! Yayy I can't wait! Love, laughter, Spring, and the outdoors in many ways.

What are your plans for one of the greatest months of the year? Yeah, I think I might be a little biased. I must admit, the good ones are born in April.

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