April 09, 2011

For the Weekend

Welcome to my life, Friday! I'm not sure why but I'm so glad its the weekend!

Things to do this weekend, in no particular order:

Finish Katie and Cory's baby sweater. A little seaming here and there, add a collar and sew on some buttons - I'm almost finished!! Its turning out so cute!

Clean and organize my apartment to make room for Luke. He's moving in! We have about two weeks before he moves in. The time is going to fly by, I can tell already.

Shop at the Gap and use a $25 off coupon that expires Sunday. Gee do I love their sales. I'm a sucker for a good deal...sometimes regardless of what I'm buying. Hey, its a good deal!

Enjoy a ride with Luke to Port Washington, WI! Its a cute harbor town (or at least the pictures look cute) about thirty minutes north of Milwaukee. We are going to look at a dirt bike Luke is interested in and enjoy the town. Hopefully walk around downtown and look at some of the cute shops, grab a bite to eat, and check out the harbor. I hope the weather is as wonderful as it has been the past couple weekends!

Enjoy a few drinks with Luke and some friends in downtown Madison at the Great Dane, run 12 miles, and relax!

What are your plans for the weekend?! Enjoying the outdoors, Spring cleaning, relaxing, finishing a project?

Happy weekend to you all!

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