April 14, 2011

Port Washington, WI

Luke and I went to Port Washington, WI last week. Its a cute little harbor town on Lake Michigan, complete with a lighthouse. The weather was a little overcast for most of the day but it didn't bring us down! It was a nice little getaway for the day.

We stopped at a Yamaha dealer when we first got to town to look at a dirt bike for Luke. We at lunch at Newport Shores, a cute little cafe restaurant in the marina by the lighthouse, where we had some delicious lake perch and stuffed shrimp. Here's a picture of the restaurant, but it looks a little ghetto... Don't be discouraged! The food was delicious and it was a quiet little pit stop.

Luke and I walked out the long, narrow path to the lighthouse, enjoying the ducks, loons, rocks, water, a few boats in the marina, and peacefulness along the way. All while bundled up in every layer possible that we could find in the car. It gets chilly out there on the water!

On the way home we had to stop at a gas station to stretch our legs and a little beef jerky for fuel. By this time the sun was shining in full force!

We may or may not have stopped at McDonalds for chocolate shakes too...

It was a great day trip and great weekend. Bring on the next road trip! Next time I'll be sure to have fully charged batteries in the camera so we don't have to resort to using cell phone cameras. Ooops.

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