February 23, 2011

Beyond Bliss

I'm so extatic right now!

Here's the background story: About a year ago I purchased an iPod touch through my credit card rewards program. I wasn't saving up points for this or anything, it just seemed to be the best option at the time (to which I would say I still think its the best option). Its the biggest bang for my buck, even when compared to getting cash back or a store gift card. So as a person that always loves a good deal I chose the iPod, thinking if I didn't use it for all it was worth I could sell it and still come out ahead compared to getting cash back.

A month or so ago the wi-fi stopped working. I finally took it to the Apple store last night to get a little looksey at it. After talking with the wonderful serviceman there (they were all so resourceful and kind, even when talking with a customer who was obviously not the most technologically advanced person), they replaced my iPod with a new one, same generation. The cause of said broken wi-fi is still unknown but it was replaced anyway.


Fast forward to today: I connected to the free wi-fi at work (the first time ever using wi-fi with new iPod)- it connected! Eeek! The anticipation for what is ahead grows stronger. I clicked on ESPN Radio and it said "Fetching Station Data..." like it always does. Then, just like magic, I heard the oh so familiar voice that has long since been heard over my little iPod headphones, and. I. melted. I got so giddy inside. I am still that giddy. It is so unbelievable the feeling inside, all because my ESPN app (that requires wi-fi) now works! Oh for the love of ESPN radio. I know, I'm a nerd. It just keeps getting better and better as I listen to it right now (while at work, ha). I'm blissed out I think. If that is something possible, that's what I'm experiencing. And boy oh boy its wonderful. I hate to sound like the person that can't live without their electronics and Internet and all that hububalub but its true, I'm addicted to this ESPN thing called radio.

My addiction with ESPN radio all started with Fantasy Football this past season...more on that some other time. For now, I'll just bask in this wonderfulness.

Happy Wednesday!

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