February 04, 2011

Luke's First Post: A Thing Called Us

Remember my preview to Luke's guest post, his first post ever?! Well here it is. Its about time, right? I love this boy. Hope you love his post. Take it away honey!

So I hope this all that you have been waiting for and more. I think I am as excited as you all are because this is my first ever blog guest post! So jumping right in, Rachel and I have been together for almost 2 great years. We met through one of her twin sisters who was dating a friend of mine that I worked with. Lets just say my stunning self was too much for her at first. We went on a date (she hadn’t washed her hair in four days) and the rest is history. She means a lot to me and is very dear to my heart.

Ok now that we have the sappy stuff out of the way lets get on to the real stuff! Rachel and I get along very well and most of the time I can make her laugh (unless I pee in her parking lot) when she’s least expecting it (like when she’s crabby...). We just enjoy and appreciate each other’s love for one another. I personally think we talk a lot but sometimes it’s only as much as she can get out of me; it’s just a man thing that can’t be explained (chuckle). She makes me feel amazing. I love the times that I either call her (that’s usually when it happens) or if I see her and I just get this great overwhelming energy that I can’t control (she gets it too).

About one of the only things that is currently standing in our way is the fact that we live in opposite ends of Wisconsin. We’ve made it work this long with wait feels like very little effort and with little or no arguments (I’m sure a little frustration on both ends at times). Everything about us feels right and I can’t wait to see what our future holds! Someday I’ll move to Madison but it hasn’t happened because of my readiness and Rachel’s rule that I must have a job before I move there. We are fine tuning my resume and then I will start to apply at some places!

Well that’s a little about us! Granted there is more, but can that wait for my next guest post?!

Until then,

Luke, Rachel’s main man

Is it just me or is his "lets get on to the real stuff" just as sappy as his "sappy stuff"? :)

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