February 06, 2011

Super Bowl XLV

Its the big game! I can't say much except "Go Packers!" I am more than excited for this game. It seems the actual Superbowl came out of no where. The Packers were just playing games, one at a time, winning and winning, then all of a sudden bang! Super Bowl! And the crowd goes wild, "Aahhhhh!" :) Can't wait!

Here's Caboosey with his Packer gear on. He is thrilled for the big game, too - can't wait to wear his gear.

I will be spending my pre-Super Bowl morning with Luke and his dad at Luke's ice race - more on ice racing later. It will be a busy day but totally worth it.

Here's to hoping the Packers play like they have been the last half of the season. Aaron Rodgers is my hero. So are all the other players. If you need a little something to get you motivated, search "I'm a Cheesehead Baby" on iTunes. Guaranteed to rock your world. :) I'm definitely a cheesehead. So is Caboose.


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