February 28, 2011


Luke and I ran FOUR miles Saturday! Together! Eeeeeek! And in a little over a 10 min/mile pace! Early in the morning, plenty of time left to enjoy the rest of the day, hang with friends and family. It was glorious.

Sure four miles may not be the greatest distance ever to be ran but to us it was pretty sweet. We all (sisters and Luke) officially started our 10-week training programs for the Halffer last week. Luke and my first long run was four miles and by golly we did it and we got to do it together. We stuck pretty close to our scheduled number of miles throughout the week too. Could've done better but pretty dang good considering the chilly weather and week one of training.

I guess that's all the more of an update I have for now. Just wanted to share the joy of our fun run together.

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