February 13, 2011

Love is in the Air

Luke and I are celebrating Valentine's Day with some delicious home cooked meals and quality time together through the weekend. We think cooking tasty meals at home is sometimes (usually) more enjoyable than going out to eat, for many reasons. We can plan the meal, make exactly what we want, grocery shop together, spend time together in the kitchen, bicker ever so little about whether the mushrooms and onions are done, be in the comforts of home, and do the dishes together. What could be more fun?! Since we mostly see each other on the weekends we think its fun to spend time making meals. At the same time, who doesn't enjoy a nice meal out?

We took pictures of our creations! Sort of. The beginnings of it at least. Taking pictures of something "in process" can be kind of difficult. Wait, stop, let me take a picture of that. Hey, take a picture of this. Its just not natural. But we did it!

The menu tonight: Delicious brussel sprouts! Don't knock 'em 'til you try 'em. A little water in a covered pan, salt, maybe a little butter when they are almost done cooking and presto, a tasty treat. The bright green color adds a little punch to your plate too.

Garlic mashed potatoes. Original, we know.

Mushrooms and onions for our STEAK!

Handy chef-in-the-kitchen-Mr. Luke nearly chopped off his finger cutting the onion. No worries, he's a tough guy. Really he was just trying to fillet his own skin, which he pretty much accomplished by only digging into the first layer. Jeeesh.

Making use of all four burners. Look at us, Mom! You would think it was Thanksgiving.

A delicious wine to celebrate the weekend (thanks Mom!!!). Its called Lawrence Elk and is made in South Dakota. Its a black currant wine and is to die for. So delicious we almost had a case shipped to us (and by us I mean my family and extended family) but were lucky enough to have someone bring some to us on their way back to Wisconsin. If you're ever in the South Dakota area I would definitely recommend it.

The chefs behind the meal. Caboose was here too but didn't want to be in a pic. Its a Saturday...we weren't trying to impress anyone with our style so you might have to forgive how beautifule we look.

We can't wait for tomorrow's meal! Or at least I'm extra excited about it. Tonight we're watching Salt with Angelina Jolie. Hope its good!

Happy weekend to you!

Psst...Probably one of my all time favorite things to do with Luke is to go grocery shopping together. The first time we did is when I think I realized I could really love this guy. For real. Its rewarding when you can appreciate spending time with someone doing things that aren't glamorous. Try it. :)

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