June 18, 2011

Luke's Second Post: The Other Halves

Yay! Guest post numero TWO from dearest Luke. He has a lot to share and its pretty cute if I do say so myself. Go on now, read it.

Greetings all from the other side of the world (aka home). I thought you all would like to know what’s been going on here while Rachel is in the UK. She’s been gone almost 3 weeks already! Wow, it has gone by pretty fast but on the other hand to she can’t come back soon enough because I miss her and worry about her. Caboose and I are glad she’s having a good time though!

Caboose and I have been getting along pretty well. It is nice to have each other for the company. It hasn’t just been the two of us the whole time though. My sister Beth stayed with us for about a week after her apartment lease was up while she finished up teaching school. It was nice when she was here because, I have to admit, she took good care of us making supper, doing dishes, etc.

Caboose and I have had a few of our own adventures in the last couple weeks…

We took a ride one Saturday afternoon to a race track that I was going to race at that Sunday night. Caboose was either shocked or amazed. Or maybe he was meowing and I caught the photo at the right time. Needless to say, my race wasn’t the best. It started with a broken throttle cable, which led to missing one of my heat races while changing the cable, and a fair performance. It was fun though. It was my first flat track of the year so I wasn’t planning on setting the world on fire. Now that I have a race and some practice under my belt, hopefully this weekend will be better! Caboose was pretty amazed by the race track and can’t wait to get his own bike and gear!

We also took a trip home for the Memorial Day holiday. Caboose stayed with Rachel's Mom and Dad and I went to my parents to work on my bikes and hang out with my family.

Cell phone quality pictures...gotta love 'em.
It’s been going pretty well at the apartment so far. There has really only been one little incident... Before Rachel left, she had a plant that was looking pretty tough. It needed to be replanted and probably didn’t need the extra water I gave it. Long story short, it didn’t make it. I gave it a proper burial and went to Walgreens and found us a new plant! I had no intentions of buying seeds at Walgreens. I went there for milk, saw they had seeds, and found one that looked good! I wanted to surprise Rachel with a new beautiful flowering plant but that plan didn’t work (yet).

I was amazed when the sprouts came up! I was a little unsure at first but, as you can see, I had nothing to worry about. The seeds are growing like wildfire! It will be pretty sweet once it flowers.

I have to throw in this last pic just because caboose is in it! (We all know how much he is loved around here.)

Well that pretty much sums up the last few weeks in the States. All is good on the home front and I will try and keep you updated. Until then, we (Caboose and I) will be here waiting and missing Rachel. It’s not the same without her here. We love her with all our hearts and pray for her safe return.

Love you honey! (Sniffle sniffle) ;)

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