June 30, 2011

UK Edition: A Glimpse of Edinburgh, Scotland

Here is another taste of our travels to Edinburgh, Scotland. Of course we toured the castle while we were there. How could you not?!

Ok, I tried writing a little bit of history about it but who am I kidding, I don't know much about it. Horrible to admit, isn't it? I know. Whether you are looking up to it from across the city streets or standing at its entrance, the castle is beautiful. Especially when it is surrounded by green trees and a luscious garden and park at the base of the volcano on which it stands.

The view of the city is also spectacular. Typical weather, it was overcast and raining, mild and stagnant, and bright and sunny all within an hour. Regardless of the weather, the view was always captivating. I could stand at the castle walls looking over the city for hours. Well, that is kind of what we did. The houses and streets, people, the cityscape, Firth of Forth, sky, everything. Captivating.

Can we go back?! If I can't go back, can I just move here forever? And bring my entire family and friends and acquaintances with me??

Please? Maybe I'll add it to my dreams...

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