June 08, 2011

UK Edition: My Pajamas Were Stolen!

Yes, you read that right. My pajamas were stolen! Sorry, no picture for this post. :)

While in the UK, we are staying at a small apartment building, privately owned. The owners have three buildings with multiple apartments in each (ours looks like a house on the outside but has four apartments on the inside). These apartments, and I think others in town as well, are used as an alternative to staying in a hotel. I think they are often used for short term stays.

Since we are staying for two months, our apartments get cleaned once a week. Tuesday was the first time they cleaned our place. The dishes were washed (don't worry, I only had breakfast dishes not cleaned), pillows in the living room straightened, garbage taken out, bedsheets and towels replaced, bathroom cleaned, and carpet vacuumed. For crying out loud, the cleaner even straightened my shoes at the door! I brought a stuffed animal - he's a black lab dog but I brought him to remind me of Caboose...hehe - and that was even centered on the bed with the pillows.

Here's where the crazy part comes in. I always make my bed at home so naturally I make my bed here. It makes me feel more at home and also more organized. I put my pajamas under the pillow and my stuffed dog goes on the bed too. Well...have you guess it already? Yep, they stole my pajamas! They must've been so irresistible that the cleaner wanted them herself (himself??)! No, I doubt that's what happened. I'm guessing they threw the pillows off the bed and pulled the bedsheets and blanket off all in one motion, taking with it my pajamas! Ahhhh!

Good thing I brought more than one pair!

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