June 16, 2011

UK Edition: Run a Mile (Or Four)

First things first, let me acknowledge and thank the wonderful strangers in this world that don't kill you when you ask them a question when you are hot and sweaty, the sun is setting, and you obviously sound like a foreigner. Thank you. Thank you to the young man that told me to just keep running down the hill and turn left. You probably saved my life (and a lot more running...ok maybe not really because I was on the right road and direction, but still). Who knew people like that still existed??

I brushed off my dusty running shoes and used them. To run. Yes, believe me.

I finally ran (for the first time since the Halffer)! What? You don't remember? All that training? You even forgot the freezing-cold-weather training?! Maybe you remember now.

I have really wanted to run while in England but hadn't gotten the chance to. Or more honestly, I have also been lazy when it comes to running, in addition to being busy eating out and seeing the city here. But I did it! And I'm glad I did! The weather has been pretty nice after work this week (minus the rain). It was pouring rain as we left work but a few hours later it cleared right up. It made for a pretty sweaty run but that didn't stop me. It felt great to sweat!

If you read my little introduction you may have already guessed I got a little lost. I was running and running, following my way back to my place from the way I came. I knew I missed my turn when I went down a really steep hill to what looked like I was headed out of town. Not quite right. So I turned around and took a turn on a familiar sounding road (Duchy Road...how do you not remember that?). It looked about right but not quite, so I turned again toward my place. Well, I ended up on a short dead end and knew it was time to ask for help. It was starting to get dark (around 21:30ish) and even though I was wearing a highlighter pink shirt (thanks Meg and Riss!) I didn't want to take a chance if I didn't have to. Thankfully I saw a human sitting in their car with the door open, shuffling through papers or cds. I asked the young man for directions and he quite nicely told me to just keep going. Ahh, I was so happy for nice people! Sure enough, he was right and I was relaxed.

My short, joy-ride jog turned into 36 minutes and nearly four miles (thanks to mapmyrun.com), which I was originally going to blame the slow pace and short time on all the hills and change in elevation but it turns out I didn't have to blame it on anything! I consider it a good run even if it wasn't exactly what I had intended. No worries! I made it home safe and sound.

I wanted to take a picture of the Lunar (?) eclipse tonight so I quick grabbed a camera (after dabbing off at least a pint of sweat) and headed out. I stuck out like a sunburned, sore thumb! Not only was I wearing exercise clothes in a bright color (come on, people dress "smart" here and don't wear athletic clothing out in public), sweating my buns off, and carrying a camera, I was surrounded by families with children dressed in crisp white shirts and black pant school uniforms leaving from what I assume was a band concert of some sort. Ahhh oh well. I wasn't trying to impress anyone (and I surely didn't!).

Have you done any exercising lately? Stuck out like a sore thumb like I did tonight? Twice!

All for now. Cheers mates!


  1. Your main manJune 17, 2011

    Exactly! Honey I know everyone is nice and i'm glad but just don't be to trusting just be smart! K :) Love you and miss you!