June 19, 2011

UK Edition: Achtung Minen and Fun with Photoshop

Need a refresher on UK Edition posts? Remember, I'm in Harrogate, England for two months!

Today was a day for a bit of relaxing. We spent part of the day strolling around town through the shopping centres and sitting in Valley Gardens. There were booths set up at Valley Gardens for multiple sclerosis awareness, a fundraiser to send a boy with cerebral palsy to America, a military vehicle display, a small merry-go-round ride, and some dancing performers. We weren't sure if this is something that happens often or if it was special to this weekend. Regardless, it was fun to see things happening and realize that its cool for us to experience but normal for the people that live here.

My favorite part was the military vehicle display. I think its the look of old in a modern setting. Actually, I know that is why because I like that style when it comes to decorating a room too. I can definitely appreciate the vintage and character of things of old.

A quick google search reveals the German phrase "Achtung Minen" is a land mine warning. Like I said, character.

I recently discovered Photoshop Actions, which probably makes me sound like I have been living under a rock for at least five years. Either way, they are awesome and I can't stop editing pictures. Or maybe I should say trying to edit pictures. I think sometimes I go a little overboard on the actions and editing... I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0. It works great for my amateur purposes! I got it for Christmas a few years ago and am glad I'm finally really using it. I wish I always had beautiful scenery and subjects to edit!

I think this last picture is my favorite. (If you haven't noticed, I like the vintage actions probably a little too much.)

Tomorrow we are off to see York! You know what that means...more pictures!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

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