June 27, 2011

UK Edition: Exhaustion

Sometimes its just so hard to keep up with posting! I have taken too many pictures to share. Driven too many miles. Slept too little. Eaten too much curry. Downloaded too many new songs on iTunes. Drank too many drinks. Munched on too many crisps. Walked too many miles. Sat in the sun too long. Devoured too much cheese.

I'm beat!  All in wonderful ways. I need a few days to recuperate and I promise I'll get back to you after that! I'm kind of on system overload - too many good things to share, I just don't know where to start.

This past weekend we went to Edinburgh, Scotland. Oh yes, my dearest Scotland. If I win the EuroMillions Lottery or whatever it is they call it here (its up to £117,000 or something crazy like that) (Um, hello...time for an edit. Make that £117,000,000. Yes, that is millions, silly Rachel, not thousands!) I would travel all over the world and bring everyone with me. Scotland was wonderful and we only stopped at one city. Well, two sort of but more on that later. Here's a snapshot preview of our touring.

So...if you don't hear from me for a few days (again), never fear. I'm still around, just soaking it all in. Literally (the sun and after-sun lotion).


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