June 15, 2011

UK Edition: Shopping Stores, Here I Come!

I finally experienced my first shopping day while in England. The shops are only open until 17:30 during the week and my Saturdays have been busy. That brings me to this past weekend.

I ventured out for a bit of shopping Sunday morning and, much to my delight, found a few beauties to purchase! The even better news is that I only spent £8.50. How can you go wrong when you spend less than £10 when shopping for the first time in a new country?! Well, one reason I didn't spend more is because I didn't have any more cash and needed to stop at an ATM. I needed to save a little bit of money to stop at the grocery store on the way home. It was also raining. Regardless, it was just what I needed.

As much as I want to share these items with you, I don't! I think some of you may figure out why...

These little guys were so cute there was no way I was going to pass them up! Sure, they might pull my ears right off my head because they are probably to heavy but that didn't stop me. I actually didn't even think about that until now. Silly me. Wouldn't you just love a pair for yourself?! I only bought one pair and I fully intend on keeping them for myself.

This caught my eye as I was walking past the jewelry department and I did a double take. It must be the color that I was attracted to. That and the gold-toned dots and the multi-wrap detail also quietly whispered my name. Ok, so that is pretty much all there is to this bracelet. In other words, yes, I like everything about it.

The colors of this scarf are not exactly what I was looking for but just what I think I needed. Something bright and fun with a pattern but not so distinct that you know what it is. I also like that it is slightly rectangular and not just square, so it can be worn a few more ways than a smaller square scarf.

The color isn't the only reason I wanted this scarf. That is probably half the reason. When I unfolded it to see what the size was I noticed there was an actual pattern to the color. Its a union jack print! The only reason I know this is because the tag says "Union Jack Print." Ha. How could I pass that up when the colors are so great, too?!?

It will be a great reminder of my stay in the UK, though I'm sure there will be many more in the future...especially with so many more shops to be visited.

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